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    Caching audio files? (or speeding up excessive lag time)


      I created a Charlie Sheen soundboard with 2 pages, it only has 2 frames which flip between each pages.Each page has 14 buttons that play unique sounds, I'm designing this as an iOS app.


      My problem is that the change time between pages is extremely long (5+ seconds), and it's even excessive when running as an AIR app, which I assume my computer would be able to load the .7 MB of sound files instantly. I'm assuming this is because it loads the sound files each time. Is there a way to cache every soundfile as soon as the app is loaded? Or is there another problem altogether?

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          somascope Level 3

          How ae you managing your sound files? Are they external MP3 files or are they MP3/WAV/AIF files that you imported into your FLA file? And what is the quality of the MP3 settings if you are using Flash to compress them (as imported assets)?


          If you jsut viewed the SWF file lcoally on your computer, do you still experience this delay?


          If they are dynamically loaded (external) MPs files, the presentation of each of your 2 frames shuld have no overhead - no "weight", since the audio is seperate from the SWF.


          If they are imported audio files that get compiled into the SWF/app file, I've never encountered a situation where they cause a frame to delay in appearing.