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    Kobo and library books


      I've got the book I

      've downloaded from the library and can read it on my computer but have been unable to send to

      the Kobo.  UGH

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          There's a couple of pieces of this picture I'm not getting, so let me give

          you an answer that starts with the basics.


          The Kobo ereader - actually any ereader - has to be recognized by ADE as an

          authorized device.  If you follow a certain sequence, this takes place

          automagically, because everything is aligned.  First, the Kobo ereader has

          to be 'activated' by registering it with Kobo.  That means you have to set

          up an account with the Kobo store/website, and then link the ereader to the

          website.  When you do this, the Kobo store will embed your Kobo ID in the

          Kobo ereader.  Then, turn on your computer and plug in your ereader to a USB

          port.  Assuming that your computer is a Windows machine, the computer will

          recognize the Kobo ereader as a new device - usually a hard drive.  Once

          Windows reports that your new hardware is ready to use, you can start up

          ADE.  ADE 'should' recognize that your Kobo ereader is attached, and

          register it in the left hand panel of its Library view.  Once this is done,

          you can drag and drop books from ADE onto your ereader.


          Hope this helps!


          Tom (Frustrated in AZ)


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            Maaja W

            I have done all those things, including installing and uninstalling both DE and my Kobo, twice. I can't get it to work. I can a

            uthorize my computer, authorize my KOBO but every time I try to read the content I have dragged to the KOBO from inside my DE libra

            ry it tells me I am not authorized to read that content when I try to open the book on the KOBO. These are library books I have downloaded and can read no problem with DE on my computer desk top. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with the KOBO customer service and the instructions she gives are similar to yours. What piece of this puzzle is everybody missing?



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              The only thing I can think of is that the digital rights have been set to

              deny the right to copy the ebook to the ereader.  You can check this by

              looking at the permissions for the ebook on your computer.  I don't know if

              you know how to do this or not, so pardon me if I repeat something you know



              With ADE in Library view, place your cursor on the cover of the ebook.  A

              small arrow will appear in the upper right hand corner.  Click on this arrow

              and you'll see the Item Options screen appear.  Click on 'Item Info' and

              you'll see the digital rights displayed.  It's pretty common that the

              digital rights on a library ebook will be restricted.


              Hope this helps!


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                Maaja W Level 1

                Thanks for responding so quickly! I took out 5 library books. They had

                different permissions. Even the one which gave permissions to make about 30!

                copies could not be dragged and dropped to my Kobo "bookshelf" in Digital

                Editions. I respect the rights of authors but considering the time I have

                spent trying to solve this problem, I'm beginning to sympathize a bit more

                with the pirates! At least they can read their books....


                I was wondering, is there something I can do from my DE account using my

                Adobe ID that would change how many computers I can authorize. Do you know

                how to check this setting from the Adobe website? I can't seem to check it

                in the program DE so I'm guessing this is info that is stored by Adobe on

                their website. The info I've seen online is that you can authorize your

                computer inside DE and I have (a few times now if you read my previous) but

                I'm wondering if there is something I just don't know...