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    Problem burning PE9 to BD

    Ted Smith Level 3

      I just burnt a 1 hour blue ray project to a disk by selecting Share & Burn, hundreds of small edits. New HD Sony camera 1900x1080

      The procedure worked to completetion producing a 6gb file in the Stream folder of the disk (Verbatimum)


      However it does not play in my new Pioneer TV player (plays other BD disks perfectly)


      The screen just goes black and I cant select menus because it says the playback has not stopped.

      The only way I can get it out of the machine is to remove external power and eject in the first few seconds aftyer reaplying power


      The file on the disk plays perefectly on my computer by just loading  it into Windows media player (.MTs2). No visible degredation.


      Any thing else I should have done?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, Verbatim is about as good as it gets regarding blank media.


          I would take the BD to a local electronics store and ask them to let you try it in several different players. Players are very finickey, and not one is certified to play any burned disc, DVD, or BD. They are ONLY certified to play commercially produced, stamped discs, and that is that. Most will play well-burned discs, but some just will not. Have you tested your player with burned BD's?


          This ARTICLE will give you some background and some tips.


          Good luck,



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            Ted Smith Level 3

            This is the first burnt BD disk I have tried in the player but it plays burnt SD DVDS without any problem at all.

            I didnt create any title page or scene selection for the BD project like I did for the DVDs, I just burnt it straight to disk.

            Does a BD need some sort of introduction or title page on the BD for the player to recognise?


            I have a new LG burner in the computer and you can plainly see the burnt tracks on the disk and they play perfectly in my computer.


            Unfortunately I dont know anyone else with burnt BD disks or a BD burner in case it is a misalignment in my burner.


            I'll try my disk at a store as you suggested

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Without a Menu, it should just be an AutoPlay disc.


              OK, the player works with other burned discs, but were all of those DVD, or have you done other burned BD's?


              I'll keep thinking about this, but hope that others have a quick fix for you.


              Good luck,



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                Ted Smith Level 3

                This is the first BD burn on I tried from PE9 on this burner.


                The disk reads in OK in the player for 30 seconds then says reading completed but then the screen just goes black, no sound. I cant stop or select any player menus because it says the disk is playing. I cant even eject the disk or switch off the player without removing external power which is what happens when a normal disc is playing anyway.

                It is a Pioneer player.BDP120 (Model came out a year ago at $500and I got it at Xmas on sale for $300)

                The specs for my player say it can play BD-R disks in BDAV format only and that only Finalised BD-R disks will play back.


                Is it possible PE9 has made it in some other format or has not finalised it or it can be finalised seperately?


                When the burning had finished it ejected the disk which I removed then turned off the computer without closing PE.(I'm old and lazy)

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                  Ted Smith Level 3

                  I downloaded and installed a software update to the player but it still does play.


                  The difference is now the player does not lock up but after a few grunts and groans it says "Incompatible media" and spits the disk out.


                  The player specs say it is capable of playing BD-R disks so PE9 seems to be burning in the wrong format?


                  Is there maybe somewhere a zone setting I need to do, or do I have a wrong PE9 version ? I live in Australia.


                  Pioneer claim they are capable of playing DVDs of all zones unless they are set to one zone.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Premiere Elements does not create video that is zone-specific. In fact, your problems are least likely to be related to the software.


                    If you create a BluRay disc, can you play it on your computer? If so, the program is creating all of the necessary files and your issue is elsewhere.

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                      Ted Smith Level 3

                      I don't have a "BD Player" on my computer but I can play the file it made in the Stream folder on the BD disk perfectly in Windows Media Player.

                      This is a single 6gb MT2S file. I dont have any menus on the disk nor did I put any markers in the timeline.


                      The handbook for the player says it will play burnt BDAV disks but notes that it may be dependent on the software used to burn the disk.


                      Is it possible that I could take the file I now have on the disk and use some other software like ImgBurn to burn another BD disk to see if PE9 is the reason?

                      If so how would I go about doing this? I wouldn't then have to wait the 4+ hours it took to recompile it. Or is it something in the format of the MT2S file PE9 made?


                      Without me going to the expense of buying an authoring program, is there likely to be any real difference between a BD disk burnt on PE9 and one with a different authoring program, apart from more bells and whistles?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        The main differences between authoring programs ARE the "bells and whistles." In real-world terms, the biggest difference will be that PrE will set the burn speed, based on a combo of the media's speed, and the BD's speed, where Encore, or many others, will allow one to drop the burn speed down, and this can contribute to playability.


                        Good luck



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                          Ted Smith Level 3

                          Well I took your previous advice and took my disc to a store and it plays perfectly on an old Panasonic player.Surprisingly good quality on a 60" screen!


                          This suggests that PE9 is creating a disk that Pioneer claim is incompatible with BDAV.


                          I notice my file extension is M2TS which I think is different to stamped disks, Is it possible I might need to just change the extension to something else and burn it on another program?


                          Having made lots of DVDs in the past, I like Premiere too much to have to buy another program for editing.


                          The disk or my burner surely can be faulty because it plays perfectly on my computer and another player,


                          As Pioneer do normally play burnt BDAV disks I need to get to the bottom of the problem of why mine doesn't.


                          How do I know that PE9 is producing a BDAV standard disk?