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    Freezes at same point during every render attempt


      I am trying to render a two-song long movie and PE keeps freezing at the same point during the rendering process.  Any ideas how I can stop this from happening?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          By "render," do you mean the process of creating proxy files for smoothest playback, by hitting the Enter key?


          Or, do you mean the process of Exporting/Sharing the Timeline, by producing an AV file?


          Do you get a progress report, say up to 25% of the process?


          What is on the Timeline at the point that the program hangs?


          What are the full specs., Audio & Video, of the Assets? Any MP3's in the Audio?


          Do you have plenty of defragmented free space on the destination HDD?


          Good luck, and please let us know more.



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            jai5w4 Level 1

            Yes, when hitting the enter key, not exporting yet.  Just rendering the 'work area'. 


            I went from the trial version to the full version via download and was told the way to get rid of the black line across the video I'd made w/ the trial version was to delete the rendered files for the project, then rerender them. 


            Well, the black line is gone from the video, so that worked, but when I go to rerender the files (ie the whole project) it freezes at almost the exact place in the status bar each time (86-88%). 


            It says right now, ("Rendering 117 of 131 Video Previews, 88%, Rendering Frame 23287 of 26207, Estimated time left: 0:00:50.")  Free disk space is 767.5 GB.


            So it's frozen there, I click "Cancel" and I get the rainbow circle, the program freezes and I have to force quit. 


            And yes, 2 MP3 songs.


            What gives?


            Thanks for the help.



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              DurbsLad Level 1

              I had a problem like that once, which turned out to be a single flawed frame.  I cut out thatsingle frame and all was joy.


              Locating it was not exactly fun.  I noted the approximate position in the timeline where it happened, bounded the region with the sliders that limit the render region, tried again, which reduced the target area, zoomed in, bounded a smaller region, and so on.  You can also look for a point beyond the flaw, and edge that back towards the flawed area.  Once you locate the frame(s) causing the problem, cut it (them) out and you should be fine.


              Another thought: apparently PE has trouble with blank regions, so check that the vidoe footage is all properly butted up one against the other.

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                jai5w4 Level 1

                So I tried something different.  I 'cut' the second song and rendered the first.  Then 'pasted' the song and videos for the second one back in, but then cut out half the song/videos from that portion, rendered it fine.  Then I started adding it little by little and it froze again.  But in random spots (not the same 88% spot as before).  Also, I narrowed down the culprit frame number, cut it out, along with the one on either side of it, and still the darm program froze.  What gives?  I'm about to give up entirely.  This is getting silly.





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                  DurbsLad Level 1

                  John, you may have multiple problem areas.  Can you regenerate your video?  By this I mean recapture it from the source.


                  If you can't, you may need to find the point after which it renders OK and then bracket again.  It's presumably possible that the audio track could be at fault, but since I've only had it the once with PE on video frames I can't make strong statements.


                  Another thing that comes to mind is that you could try a stream-fixer program.  I use VideoRedo for this purpose.  This doesn't contradict the previous statement about only having it once!  I use VideRedo when I have a recorded TV program for which I want to strip out the ads before watching it - it's faster than zipping through the ad sections.  Sometimes the recorded program has frame errors which cause VideoRedo to choke on the video, and VideoRedo has a stream-fixer utility which will regenerate the video file with the video and audio frame errors fixed.  I'm guessing that it has to do with the full and difference frames getting out of synch because of a lost frame in the transmission, and the stream-fixer function very cleverly sorts it all out.  The program is cheap, and has a generous trial period for you to decide if you like it, during which period it limits the maximum output file length to something like 3 minutes.  Perhaps that might solve your problem.


                  Good luck!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    John, you may have multiple problem areas.


                    I agree that this could be a likely possibility. The point that the process stopped, could just be the first bad Frame of many.


                    It has probably been stated above, but what are the exact details of this AV file? Was it Captured, or Imported into PrE?


                    Good luck,