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      I am in the process of moving from one (older) computer to another (newer faster) computer. I tried to open a saved project from the newer computer via shared netwoark access to the project saved on the older PC. The problem I am having is at when I open the project its asks me to open each picture and or video clip in the assemlbed project. Why is it opening up this way when It can open the entire project on the older Pwithout any prompts to locate missing files (media clips and videos). What should I open to ensure the software is able to open all pieces and parts I used to make the project? When using the older PC I am able to open the project without any issues.  What files do I need to move over to the new PC in order to open and edit existing projects on the old PC?


      I hope I explained this clear enough. Thanks for any help on this issue

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          PrE uses absolute Paths in the links to Assets. When the Paths change (could be a drive letter, the files' names, etc.) then the links are broken.


          PrE is asking for help. The Paths are not correct any longer, so it cannot Open the Project with the Assets. It's pretty smart though, in that if you help it find the first missing file in a folder, it will search that folder for any more missing files. If the files were Moved to different folders, one will need to repeat the Find process for each of those folders.


          Now, PrE does not like to work from networked drives, even Mapped network drives. It will work much better, if you move the Assets to either an internal, or external HDD.


          Do not let PrE Offline the Media, and then do a Save for the Project, as you will overwrite that PREL file, and then you will need to manually relink those Assets, one at a time, and that can be tedious, as PrE will no longer do the folder search for others - it's one at a time. Instead, do a Save_As, so you can go back to that original Project.


          This ARTICLE will give you more info on the PREL, what it contains, and how the various Save options differ.


          Good luck,