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    Actionscript code can be seen in a search, but not seen in Actions Panel nor symbol

    cre8tor10 Level 1

      I purchased a template which has flash menu buttons.  The current button url's go to index.html, index-2.html, index-3.html, and so on.  I want to change these.  In Flash, I searched for index-3.html and it finds it at the location:  Symbol 'Button2 copy 3' -> Layer 'Layer 4' -> Frame '1'   and the actionscript command is:  getURL("index-3.html");


      Everything is fine so far.  However, when I double-click the symbol and go to the location (or double-click the search result), the actionscript command cannot be found at all.  I tried pressing F9 to open the Actions Panel, and I see the button symbol but I don't see any actionscript commands associated with it.  It seems to be very unusual - the search picks up the actionscript command but it can't be seen in the symbol's location where it says it is nor can it be seen in the Actions Panel.  The script does work but it just cannot be seen!  Does anyone know how to see the actionscript code in the Actions Panel or in the button symbol?