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    Can only open some JPEG files in Camera Raw through Bridge CS3


      I'm running Bridge CS3 version I always edit my JPEG files through Camera Raw in Bridge CS3. I only have to Right-Click on the file and select "Open in Camera Raw...". However, I've come into a situation where some jpg files will not open this way; the option is not even there.


      I have made sure to tick the box in preferences under Behavior "Double-Click Edits Camera Raw Settings in Bridge", and also tick the box under Thumbnails -> Performance and File Handling "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF Files.


      These files were originally 16bit Grayscale TIFF files, but I changed them to RGB 8bit JPEG files.


      Also, I know the program works because I navigate to an older photo I worked which is a JPEG and the "Open in Camera Raw..." option is there when I Right-Click, but then I navigate back to the image I want to edit, and the option is not there.



      Here are links to my screenshots of what I'm talking about. Both images in the last two screenshots are JPEG:


      General Prefs - http://img535.imageshack.us/i/prefgeneral.png/

      Thumbnail Prefs - http://img716.imageshack.us/i/prefthumbnails.png/

      Camera Raw Option - http://img847.imageshack.us/i/option.png/

      Camera Raw No Option - http://img852.imageshack.us/i/nooption.png/