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    Need Some Advice




      I have a MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.6 Snow Leopard with Safari 5.0.2  I need to download Adobe Reader.

      All I can find is Adobe Reader X and it looks like it costs $$$.  The professor said there is a free Adobe Reader for Macs,

      but since I can really mess this machine up (like it is now with the latest version of Flash) I am wanting some advice on if there is a program just called Adobe Reader and is compatible with a Mac, and what the program is for.


      Finally if the professor was right.  lol   is there anything special I ned to do when I install the program?



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reader is free and you can download it here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/


          You may be mistaking Reader with Acrobat, which does cost several hundred dollars.

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            Kooler1 Level 1

            LOL no the Adobe Reader X I found when looking for Adobe Reader was not several hundred dollars.  it actually is something like $6.95 per month is the payment I saw.


            I had a few other questions in my post.  Anybody care to help me out in these other areas?  Since I have had big time trouble with Flash before I realized Adobe has specific Instructions for uninstalling and installing  Flash, I got into trouble with my computer just downloading Flash and installing it.


            The link Johnson sent me to dos not say what it is for.  what is Reader used for?


            with Adobe Reader are there any specific instructions that Adobe has for installing Adobe Reader?  What is Adobe Reader primarily used for?



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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Reader is used for viewing PDF files. If a PDF document has interactive elements (forms, links, bookmarks, etc.) you can interact with them. It also is used to print PDFs.


              I've never had to do anything special to install it, apart from maybe uninstalling a previous version.


              If someone is trying to charge you for Adobe Reader, it's a scam.

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                Kooler1 Level 1

                Do you have a Mac?  That is the problem I had with Flash that crashed my computer, I did not uninstall the older version before I installed the newer version.

                any place you know where I can read up on Adobe Reader?  Also how can I tell if I do install it that I am installing the latest version for Macs?


                So my MacBook Pro can already view Pdf files but I did a Spotlight check on my Mac and no Adobe Reader came up.


                You are missing what I said I ran into that wanted to charge.  It is Adone Reader X.  See the "X."  that was at the end of Adobe Reader so that must be why it is different and costs.  I have no idea it is just what I ran into when I was looking to find out what Adobe Reader is used for.


                Not sure why the professor said we needed it if I view, print,pdf files all the time.  Not sure if I can do anything else with them, but I was told if I wanted to do stuff with a pdf file I would have to buy an Adobe program that allows that.


                If a computer does not have Adobe Reader installed can that computer still view, open, print pdf files?

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                  George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Yes, I have a Mac. The Preview application on the Mac is able to view PDFs, but it is far from a conforming viewer. For a bit more information, see: http://blogs.adobe.com/pdfitmatters/2010/03/details_matter_conforming_with.html


                  Preview also corrupts PDF forms something awful: http://kb2.adobe.com/community/publishing/885/cpsid_88564.html


                  and it can't work with dynamic XFA forms at all: http://www.assuredynamics.com/?p=673


                  So while Preview may be adequate for a lot of what you need it for, it can cause trouble. Reader offers much more commenting features than Preview does, if commenting is enabled for a particlar document. Reader 10 allows limited commenting even without usage rights being applied.


                  Adobe Reader X means Adobe Reader 10, the tenth major release.


                  If you still have it, I'd be interested in seeing a link to whatever it was that wanted a monthly fee for Reader. Adobe provides Reader free of charge, so there's nothing to buy.


                  For more information about Reader, you can start here: http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/faq.html

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                    Kooler1 Level 1

                    I just want to make sure I install the latest version for Macs and I don't find myself with a crashed computer because I did not install it right.  the Flash experience was a nightmare and I am not good at figuring this stuff out on my own.  I got bad information from the Adobe Forum for Flash and somebody told me to just download the latest version and install it.  This lady saw the guy who made the reply to my post on how to properly update Flash and she had a fit because this dude was not following Adobe recommendations.  I guess some people can get away with it but my mac crashed because before the lady got to me I just downloaded the latestFlash version and installed it.  Little did I know that Adobe has full-on Instruction webpages for proper uninstall and install updates of Flash.  The latest update which came after a pretty major one, came out on 2/28 and I updated it and of course followed the Adonbe recommended procedures.  I think it is odd that Adone does not make it more obvious that there are specifci instructions for updating Flash.  On their website it is as if all you need to do is download the latest version and install it and your god to go.

                    after I upgraded the most recent version, I lose my sound when watching videos like from NBC News, France 24, etc.  So I have no idea what is wrong but I might have to uninstall the latest version and o it all over again.


                    OK, the Reader.  I think this was the link and I can kind of see what I was reading now.  I just did not look at it close enough but since the download for Reader did not mention Reader X, I thought it was a completely different program.  anyway, here is the webpage (I think). I had all my browser tabs closed so I had to try and go back to remember what I saw and where.


                    Before I leave thanks for all the links.  One last time, is the link in the last reply you sent me that has the latest update for Reader for macs?  I do not need anything else, right.  I can just download and install the version X and any download, as long as it says for macs, will give me the entire program and is good for the MacBook Pro?  I saw one link you sent that might explain about the program and how to use the basics.  that will be awesome if that is what that link is for because I will need something like that.


                    Here is the URL for the Adobe X which I thought was a completely different program. 




                    Any thought on the new MacBook Pros?  Do you think they are worth the money from what you know?

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                      Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                      Here is the URL for the Adobe X which I thought was a completely different program. 



                      There you can see the download link for Adobe Reader X.

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                        Kooler1 Level 1

                        oh man I went to the site to download the Reader program and it does not have a download for Mac OS 10.6.6.  the highest it goes is 10.6.4.  Now what?

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                          Kooler1 Level 1


                          so are you saying that…what are you saying? that I made a stupid comment, or the link you quoted is the current link for the most recent Adobe Reader or what?  I just realized the Adobe Reader download goes up to 10.6.4 and NOT OSX 10.6.6.


                          Here is the URL I was going to use to get the latest Reader download but it stops at 10.6.4.

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                            Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            You can use it on 10.6.6.

                            Read this: