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    NEF thumbnails in CS5 Bridge


      The thumbnails of RAW images do not appear in Bridge when loaded from my Nikon D7000.  They appear in the photo downloader and I can see and alter the images in Camera Raw, but I just get the generic NEF icon in Bridge, making it difficult to select images.   I know this has been dealt with in other threads but I'm still having trouble.   I found this answer in another thread:


      Q: Why do I only see a small generic icon in Adobe Bridge instead of a thumbnail when I browse the folder containing my RAW files?

      A: Bridge occasionally has difficulty with RAW files, but this is usually because the user has installed ACR into the wrong location or browsed the folder prior to installing the ACR plug-in that provides support for their particular camera model. The fix for this issue is usually to make absolutely sure that ACR is installed correctly, then purge the Bridge cache. If you're in the habit of using the Distributed cache (Bridge 1.x) it would be prudent to manually delete the cache files from the folder containing your RAW files.


      Could someone pleas explain in step-by-step detail how to know if ACR is "in the wrong location" and  "to make absolutely sure that the ACR is installed correctly".  I'm using a Macbook Pro. 


      Your help is greatly appreciated. 

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Camera Raw 6.3 should support the D7000 if it's correctly installed. In Photoshop go to the Photoshop menu> About Plug-ins and check the version of Camera Raw. Is is If not then you don't have the correct updated version of Camera Raw. Bridge relies upon Camera Raw to rip the raw files and show the image previews. So, you'll want to make sure you've updated to the current Camera Raw 6.3 which is available here.

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            johnlyledesign Level 1

            Yes, It is version 6.3.  But it says   (0, not 9)

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              sorry...typo, should be a 0 not 9...


              So Photoshop is seeing ACR 6.3 but Bridge can't seem to use it for building previews. It could still be that ACR 6.3 isn't properly installed. The correct location is root (the main not the user) Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS5/File Formats/Camera Raw.plugin Then click on the plug-in and do a command I to confirm it's version 6.3.


              If it is, it's correctly installed.


              In that case, you may need to navigate to the folder with images in Bridge and use the command Purge Cache for Fold xxxx found under Tools menu > Cache. If that doesn't work you may need to reset Bridge's preferences. Hold down Command/Option/Shift when launching Bridge. Note, this will wipe your preferences so you'll need to go back into the Bridge preferences and set them the way you want them again.

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                Curt Y Level 7

                Make sure there is only one copy of ACR in the file folder.