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    CS5 freezing while importing stills


      I'm trying to do timelapse video but importing the still images is a real drama...

      Each image is about 800K and there are a few hundred images in each video sequence. Initially I can import 100 or so images, but then the system freezes. After waiting for some time it will resume, import some more, then freeze again.

      As I continue to import images, the freezing becomes more frequent. Seems like a problem with memory or cache managment??

      Importing smaller number of images at a time helps, but then the freezing comes back again. Shutting down and restarting improves things for a while, but then the freezing comes back. The more I do, the worse the freezing becomes. Clearing the cache seemed to work initially, but then that to does not help. The problem comes back

      Importing the 1000 or so images that are needed for a video sequence is quite a drama!


      I'm using an Intel Core i7 CPU   950 @ 3.07GHz

      12G RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 video card

      being run by Win 7 64 bit


      Any ideas?