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    The Kuler website is really, really bad


      I use Kuler occasionally to find colors and I always dread using the interface. I'm sure I'm not alone. Let's go over the problems:


      - The website is in Flash, while there is no reason for the website to be in Flash. It slows everything down, and the website utilizes 0% of the reasons normally used for Flash websites, like nifty animations, etc. Certian tools, like the theme editor could be kept in Flash, but not the main site.


      - The website takes 6-8 seconds to load and display. I don't know if this is because the site unneccessarliy uses Flash or what, but that is a ridiculous load time for an interface with no images. Go Flash!


      - All of the buttons and text are very small and hard to interact with, esepcially the search navigaiton arrows.


      - All of the text is very small, poorly formatted (aka not formatted) and hard to read. Especially metadata under theme titles. Gray size 8 font on a black background? Smart!


      - When you hover over a theme in the search results list you get a hover bubble with the theme's name. Kudos to whoever came up with this super useful idea


      - when you click on a theme with a long name you don't even see the full name, it's cut off with a "..." on the main display. The only way is to use the stupid redundant bubble


      - Loading one page of search results takes about 5 seconds. I'm not sure how that is even possible. I would love to know what kind of database you are running this on. I would assume based on the speed that your db is a Microsoft Word document.


      - You cannot sort search, making it basically useless. This is one of the biggest problems of Kuler.


      - If you are doing a search and click on something like "highest rated", the site has the audacity to clear your search, even though expected user behavior is that being a search sort. Bad experience.


      - Get rid of the "news and features" sidebar. My favorite feature of the sidebar is the block of text telling you that it's free to create an account and sign in, even while you are signed in.


      - None of the links in Kuler open in a new window. Because this is Flash obviously none of the pages you go to have URLs, so when you hit the back button you have lost your place. Go Flash!




      I like the content of Kuler a lot, but not the interface for it. I hope that at some point these problems can be addressed. Finally, a serious question: Are there any better front end websites for kuler? If not, this would be a good kuler api project.