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    Pixel Size bug with multiple inputs

    Christian Lett Level 3



      As part of a bigger project I've written a simple kernel to take one image (with alpha) and composite it over a second image.


      I'm testing it using images with different pixel aspect ratios. For example input image 1 has square pixels (1050x576), input image 2 has non-square (720x576 @ 1.46 PAR).


      In order to sample the second image properly I need to divide the current coordinate by the pixelSize of the background (which should be float2(1.46, 1.0))


      kernel Over

      <   namespace : "quarterlightpictures.com";

          vendor : "Quarterlight Pictures";

          version : 1;



          input image4 fg;

          input image4 bg;

          output pixel4 dst;


          void evaluatePixel() {

              float2 coord = outCoord();


              pixel4 pFG = sampleNearest(fg, coord);

              pixel4 pBG = sampleLinear(bg, coord / pixelSize(bg));


              dst = pFG + pBG * pBG.a * (1.0 - pFG.a);



      This doesn't work, because for some reason the pixel size for the bg image is considered to be (1.0, 1.0).


      Am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug?


      I'm testing this in After Effects CS5, by the way.