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    On-Screen color pallette allowed to change from just RGB to anything

    Ricky-T Level 3

      In CS5, the ability to hold Shift+Alt+Right-Click was added to enable an on-screen color picker menu to try and make the process faster.


      Selecting colors from it is a pain. Say i pick a colour from either the color wheel version or the hue strip version, i get the color, then decide i want it to be a bit colder or warmer; this is not possible. The reason being is that when you press the key combination to bring the menu up, the cursor is already where your last selected color was on the square, and moving it will completely loose the color again.    


      -It would be nice if this color picker could allow the use to use not just HSB hue strip, but also the others avalible in the actual color picker when you click the color in the tool box. (H,S,B    R,G,B    L,a,b) For example, the "b" of Lab color i find particually useful to do this task over the "H" of HSB, and so having the same on-screen color picker but using Lab color would be perfect.