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    attaching dynamic movie clips in a static moviclip

      I have a problem regarding attahing these movieclips(images) to a label (movieclip) on the stage and when i will move label the all images shoild move with label which attched to that label , i have tried lot through hit test but not working because i have lots of dynamic movieclips(images) and how to attach these movieclips on the label movieclip which is static movieclip in my case do u have any sample or any question regarding this ??? pl help me out .
        • 1. attaching dynamic movie clips in a static moviclip
          Greg Dove Level 4
          In as2, you can't dynamically alter the parent - child relationships of movieclips.

          When you mean a 'static' movieclip do you just mean one that's not attached at runtime... I'm assuming its still a movieclip ...e.g. its not for example 'static text'. just checking. So long as it is ... here's how I would try to do it:

          have each label clip contain an array of 'linked' image clips. Whenever you move the label clip then have the event or enterFrame handler for that label clip loop through the array of 'linked' clips and move them by the same x and y values. I think this would work - its the way I would try to do it anyhow. Others may have a better idea.

          This approach would be more complicated if there was different scaling or rotation etc applied to the container clips of the images or the labels.