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    After effects doesn't Go


      good morning , i have a problem with after effects cs5.

      i download the trial version and i installed it.

      i know that AE cs5 run only on 64 bit operative system.

      i have windows7 64 bit, but run only 32 bit CS5 programs.

      here a screen with my features



      But my problem is  when i run AE cs5 and i get this error


      How i can run this program?

      i would buy it but if doesn't start i don't buy it.


      HELP ME!!!!!


      PS= I installed also the creative suite CS5 and the program x64 doesn't run the same. the problem is in 64 bit programs.


      Excuse me for my bad english but i'm an italian boy xD


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Impossible to tell. You will need to download Sysinternals Process Monitor, set it to filter on AfterFX.exe and then see which function calls it is unable to make. Sounds very much like your are missing some specific DLLs, but which ones is utetrly in the dark.