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    Major crash!!! Help please!


      Hey guys...  I'm having a huge problem with my production premium suite.   Pretty much my Mac hard drive crashed so it was all backed up in time machine and I got a new one. I reput all the files and tried to load up premiere. I got an error notice. I cant remember what Iraqis exactly but it would crash my premiere before it opened. So I tried to uninstall and reinstall and it went, but on the next reinstall it didnt work again so again I tried to uninstall. However when I tried to uninstall again it said I could not unistall until I closed dynamiclinkmanager but nothing adobe was open at all. So I figured maybe I need to update, so I did but midway through the update again it said I could not update till I closed the dynamiclinkmanager again. I'm so confused and I really need my suite. If any of you guys has a fix that would be great! Also I will try to encounter the first error that shut down my premiere pro and I'll post that as well!  Thanks anyone, for any help. And if you need questions awnsered shoot em at me!