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    Resizing swf in Panini


      Hi all,


      I'm doing a project with Panini and I'm stuck with a problem.


      I added a swf slideshow in one state and I want it to resize and always keep its center in the artboard. However, when I check the resize buttons, and I am checking all of the four buttons, horizontal with "center" and vertical "fixed", the swf gets to the left when I resize it, and does not center. Is it possible to make this always centered, at any window size?


      What I am trying to achieve is something like this: http://www.duribeiro.com.br/


      But all I am getting is this:






      What am I doing wrong? Please help! I've tried all kinds of combinations with this buttons - center, fixed, only vertical, only horizontal etc.



      My artboard is 1024/768px, the swf slideshow is 902/600px