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    This must have an easy answer!

    daddyNyLon Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Premiere Elements, and am using v9.0.1 on Windows Vista.  I have recently recorded a lot of footage using my Sony Handycam HDR-CX110.  The recording mode is set to HD HQ, more specifically "AVC HD 9M (HQ)", and video is shot (to .m2ts format) in 1440 x 1080, NTSC, at 29.9702 fps (figured better to put too much info here at this stage rather than too little!).


      When I create a new project, I use the suggested Project setting, which is NTSC-AVCHD-HD 1080i 30.  All my clips were created by the Sony and all have been recorded on the same settings.


      The problem is that when I export my projects for viewing on the computer (I haven't tried any of the other "Share" options yet) they all (flash, mpeg, avi, wmv) exhibit combing wherever there is movement in my recording.  To try to identify whether the issue was with the way the software / my computer is handling the video clip, or instead was something to do with the project as a whole, I created a sample project with a single, 40 second, clip.  It made no difference - that single clip has combing in exactly the same way as a project involving multiple clips and transitions etc.


      Since the single clip test is as basic as it gets, and I'm not using an obscure brand or old model of camera, I can't believe the problem is with the software per se.  So either: 1) I have a setting wrong; or 2) there's some (currently unknown) problem with the other software on my PC.  The playback of the clips within Elements before export is fine, and I have no other problems with video or audio playback on my PC.


      Can someone please help?  Any suggestions / requests for further information will be greatly, and gratefully, received.


      Thanks in advance.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Computer information needed

          Some specific information that is needed...
          Brand/Model Computer (or Brand/Model Motherboard if self-built)
          How much system memory you have installed, such as 2Gig or ???
          Operating System version, such as Win7 64bit Pro... or whatevevr
          -including your security settings, such as are YOU the Administrator
          -and have you tried to RIGHT click the program Icon and then select
          -the Run as Administrator option (for Windows, not sure about Mac)
          Your Firewall settings and brand of anti-virus are you running
          Brand/Model graphics card, sush as ATI "xxxx" or nVidia "xxxx"
          -or the brand/model graphics chip if on the motherboard
          -and the exact driver version for the above graphics card/chip
          -and how much video memory you have on your graphics card
          Brand/Model sound card, or sound "chip" name on Motherboard
          -and the exact driver version for the above sound card/chip
          Size(s) and configuration of your hard drive(s)... example below
          -and how much FREE space is available on each drive (in Windows
          -you RIGHT click the drive letter while using Windows Explorer
          -and then select the Properties option to see used/free space)
          While in Properties, be sure you have drive indexing set OFF
          -for the drive, and for all directories, to improve performance
          My 3 hard drives are configured as... (WD = Western Digital)
          1 - 320G WD Win7 64bit Pro and all programs
          2 - 320G WD Win7 swap file and video projects
          3 - 1T WD all video files... read and write
          Make sure you have the default Windows hard drive indexing set to OFF for all hard drives and folders
          Some/Much of the above are available by going to the Windows
          Control Panel and then the Hardware option (Win7 option name)
          OR Control Panel--System--Hardware Tab--Device Manager for WinXP
          Plus Video-Specific Information http://forums.adobe.com/thread/459220?tstart=0

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            daddyNyLon Level 1

            Thanks John,


            I'll try to post the remaining info tomorrow, since it might take a while to get it together and I don't want to hold up any answers that can be provided using the information I have to hand.  I think my system meets or exceeds all the minimum requirements, as follows:


            Windows Vista Home Premium, with SP2 (6.0.6002) (x86) (32 bit).  I'm the admin, and use it as such.

            HP Pavilion, a6150.uk

            Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz

            2.00 GB RAM total physical memory.  Total virtual memory is 4.24GB.


            Four drives (three physical disks - C + D are on a single SATA drive, pre-installed and pre-configured when I bought the machine; G is a SATA drive installed by me; and Z is the HP Pocket Removable Drive that came with the machine.  They are broken down as follows:


            - C: 87.7GB of 290GB free (main drive - contains the video files I use in Premiere Elements)

            - D: 1GB of 7.90GB free (recovery - partition with C, which is how it was sold)

            - G: 350GB of 465GB free (media files only - contains photos, video and music.  Added by myself but problem existed both before and after installation.  None of the source video files are on this drive, nor do I export anything here)

            - Z: 51.5GB of 74.5GB free (removable Pocket Media Drive - as above; I don't use it for Premiere Elements work, and the issue is the same whether the drive is in or not)


            NVDIA GeForce 8400 GS display adapter.  I also installed a Hauppauge WinTV card long before I installed Premiere Elements.  It is listed as WinTV-HVR 67xx Capture Device


            Video codecs:


            iccvid.dll version

            iyuv_32.dll version 6.0.6002.18158

            lvcodec2.dll version 11.80.1048.0

            msrle32.dll version 6.0.6002.18158

            msvidc32.dll version 6.0.6002.18158

            msyuv.dll version 6.0.6002.18158

            tsbyuv.dll version 6.0.6002.18158


            No anti-virus software installed.  I use the Windows Defender / Security Essentials.  Definitions are checked regularly and everything is up-to-date.


            Hope that is helpful.  Look forward to your comments.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              According to the online specs, this cam shoots in 1920x1080 AVC stereo. That's the preset you should be using.


              If you use that preset, you shouldn't have any problems working with the video in Premiere Elements 9, and your outputs should also look great.


              Some TV formats (like AVIs and MPEGs) may have some combing on your computer, but will look fine when you play them on a TV.


              Highly compressed formats (like WMVs and some MOVs) may also show some artifacts when there is motion in your video, but this is related to the compression methods they use.


              Where do you ultimately plan to share this movie (DVD, online, etc)? That will determine the best Share destination.

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                daddyNyLon Level 1

                Hi Steve,


                The reason I wasn't using the 1920 x 1080 setting is that I haven't been shooting in the HD FX or HD FH modes (which are both 1920 x 1080), only on the HD HQ mode, which gives me clips at 1440 x 1080.  Anyway, there was no spec given for what resolution exactly HD HQ records at, so I created a new project at 1920 x 1080 30 stereo as suggested.  When I added my 40 second test clip, I was alerted to a mis-match between the video setting and the project setting, and was offered a correction.  I declined the correction, but got the same combing.  I then set up an identical project, except this time I accepted the correction.  Unfortunately I got the same combing.


                I should add that the files were imported from the camera using the Sony software that came with it, and were then simply imported into the Organizer.  I doubt this would make a difference, but thought I'd mention it anyway.


                Many thanks in advance for further advice and suggestions.


                PS Ultimately I will want to burn the movies to DVD, but only after sharing them online via my website.  (I'm making movies for family members, who are located all around the world!)

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  First, I'd recommend, if you're going to edit in Premiere Elements, you always shoot in FX or FH mode only.


                  Or at least try shooting in FX mode and using full HD preset and see if it solves your problems.


                  Otherwise, it could be the interlacing or compression issues I discussed above.

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                    daddyNyLon Level 1

                    OK - I'll try shooting in FX and FH this afternoon and see if that sorts the problem.  My PC currently uses a TV (Sony KDL-32M400 http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10151&catalogId= 10551&langId=-1&productId=8198552921665369032#specifications) for a monitor, since I don't have a dedicated computer monitor.  Will that make a difference?  (I uploaded a video to Vimeo, and it too has combing, so I guess it's not the TV.)


                    When you mention the interlacing issues, do you mean with the AVIs and MPEGs?  Do you of a way to fix this?


                    Thanks again.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      If your project is set up with the correct specs for your source footage and you use one of the default Share options, you should not see combing on the device the video is made to display on.


                      Although, as I've said, there may be compression issues if you're using a web format and there's a lot of movement in your video. Which is different than combing -- which is an interlacing issue.


                      Can you link us to your video so we can see it and determine what's up?

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                        daddyNyLon Level 1

                        I've uploaded the 40sec video (1440 x 1080) to YouTube, using the following Share options:


                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0zBLQmdFtw - Share > Online > YouTube > Flash Video for YouTube


                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPHeqC3pdmQ - Share > Online > YouTube > High Definition Video for YouTube - 1440X1080


                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2pVssZKVbw - Share > Computer > Adobe Flash Video > FLV - Web Large, NTSC Source (Flash 8 and Higher), then uploaded via the YouTube web interface.


                        I also shot a very short video in HD FH (1920 x 1080) this afternoon, and uploaded it to YouTube as well, using the following Share options:


                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKuAF-q-Z54 Share > Online > YouTube > Flash Video for YouTube


                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbWAhHkPiC0 Share > Computer > Adobe Flash Video > FLV - Web Large, NTSC  Source (Flash 8 and Higher), then uploaded via the YouTube web interface.


                        The quality of the 3rd and 5th videos (i.e. the ones I exported to my computer before uploading manually) is the same on my computer as is shown online.


                        Hope these are helpful.  Look forward to you advice!

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          Your video looks great to me, Daddy! In fact, it looks better than 90% of the videos I've seen on YouTube.


                          Unless you're viewing it at full-screen -- which, as I said, you shouldn't be doing.


                          I'm seeing no interlacing or combing issues when the video is viewed at its actual size (not full screen). You're not going to get better than that!

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                            daddyNyLon Level 1

                            Hmm!  I'm not sure what's going on here!  I see a massive difference in quality between the videos uploaded to YouTube via the preset Share option and the two exported to my PC as Flash and then uploaded manually.


                            I've inserted two screen shots of what I see on my PC (and on my wife's MacBook) when viewing the "export + manual upload" videos on YouTube (both link to the relevant video on YouTube), which is also what I see when viewing the Flash files on my PC.


                            Screen shot - 1440 x 1080 (crop).jpg


                            Screen shot - 1920 x 1080 (crop).jpg

                            Is this what you see too?

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Not even remotely!


                              Is it possible something is wrong with the way your computer plays Flash video?

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                                nealeh Level 5

                                Same here as Steve. Looks fine - here's an individual frame from the 360p version. Do you both have the latest driver versions for your graphics cards?




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                                  daddyNyLon Level 1

                                  I don't think it's the computer, since I can watch any other Flash videos without a problem, either online or my PC (same with my wife's MacBook), and I have "combing" (if that is what it's called) with my avi, wmv, mpeg, mov and iPod exports too.  (Slideshows, however, don't *appear* to have any issues.)


                                  The only thing I could think of was that both my computer and my wife's laptop were bought in the UK, but if that was the issue I would have expected to see issues with more than just my videos...


                                  The drivers for my GeForce adapter are up-to-date:  is there anything else I could be checking?


                                  In the meantime, do you have any videos exported as Flash then uploaded to YouTube that I could have a look at for comparison purposes?


                                  Thanks again.

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                                    nealeh Level 5

                                    We may not do everything right over here but we don't actually sabotage PRE installations on PC's. Presumably you have an appropriate power supply.


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                                      daddyNyLon Level 1

                                      Of course.  The reason I mentioned having bought the machine in the UK was that, since I live in the States, all my installation questions etc identified my

                                      location as an NTSC region, whereas the machine was bought in a PAL region.  But, as I say, I'm not really sure if that would make any difference since I'm able to watch other Flash and online videos without experiencing the same issues.

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                                        nealeh Level 5

                                        PAL or NTSC makes no difference provided your clip settings match your Project and Sharing preset.


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                                          daddyNyLon Level 1

                                          I exported a couple of .avi files using the iPod preset, and they turned out fine (even though the project settings were not correct!).  Exporting .m2ts files using the iPod preset gives me the same lines that I describe above.  (I've verified the graining / lines on the YouTube videos and on local exports using two separate PCs, both running Windows Vista, both purchased in North America.)


                                          Does this help at all?  Is there special treatment required for .m2ts videos?

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                                            daddyNyLon Level 1

                                            Bump anyone?  Please?

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                                              nealeh Level 5

                                              The quality that Steve and I are seeing on your YouTube uploads suggest  PRE is working fine. There must be something you have installed that is corrupting your playback.


                                              Try renaming the file extension to .m2t - some have found that helps.


                                              Have you installed any 'codec' packs from the Internet? If so remove them - they can replace good codecs that PRE can  work with, with ones that PRE cannot.


                                              Try playing your file with FLV Player


                                              Work through ALL the items in this article: PrE Hanging, or Crashing - Some Tips. Don't forget to post back with your GSpot screen shots.


                                              Also contact Adobe Support to see if they have anything to suggest.


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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                Along with VLC Player, MediaPlayer Classic HC is another great, free player. Like VLC Player, it contains its own CODEC's. Be a bit careful here, as they can play certain files, with certain CODEC's, but the necessary CODEC might not be installed on the system for other programs, or perhaps PrE cannot use that CODEC, but the player can. Just something to be aware of. See this ARTICLE for more background on CODEC's.


                                                Good luck,



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                                                  daddyNyLon Level 1

                                                  Thanks Neale and Bill.


                                                  I tried renaming the file to a .m2t, but that didn't change anything.  As far as I am aware, no codec packs have been installed, but as a precaution I uninstalled all other video editing freeware that I had used previously, checked that my NVIDIA GeForce drivers are up-to-date, and defragged, ran Disk Cleanup, deleted BadDrivers.txt and rebooted.  I had been using the FLV player you linked to (although I see the same issues whatever program I use).


                                                  It might be useful here to recap what does and doesn't work.  PRE runs successfully, exports my videos and doesn't crash / hang etc.  When I view my videos in PRE, they all look fine.  I can also view all relevant file types (flv, wmv, avi, mov etc) on my computer with no problems.  The only files that exhibit these lines are those shot with my Sony Handycam HDR-CX110 (whether in HD or SD), and this happens regardless of target file type.


                                                  I have tested a variety of computers and operating systems (PC/XP (monitor), PC/Vista (TV), PC/Windows 7 (Monitor), Mac/OSX (laptop), iPod) and the results are the same on each machine - no touble viewing any video files except those created using my Sony Handycam and exported using PRE.  On all machines, the export to YouTube using the Share option are fine; those uploaded to YouTube manually after being exported as a .flv exhibit the lines.


                                                  GSpot gave me the following for one of my sample files (which you can view (with lines!) here: http://vimeo.com/20391607)



                                                  Thanks again for all of your input and advice - I thought this would be easy to fix, but am grateful for your persistence!




                                                  PS Is there a way we can compare lists of installed codecs to see what I might be missing (and to identify/eliminate codecs as the problem)?

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                                                    daddyNyLon Level 1

                                                    PPS Sorry for the delayed response - my two month old daughter has needed more attention than usual the last few days!

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                                                      daddyNyLon Level 1

                                                      @Steve - I follwed the instructions you gave to railfan a while ago - a test video is on Muvipix here: http://muvipix.com/cpg/albums/userpics/19468/steve4.wmv


                                                      Please let me know your thoughts.


                                                      Thanks in advance.

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                                                        WilliamgCarroll Level 1

                                                        Mate did you have any luck? Got a CX110 this week and having the same problems you were, the footage is terrible.


                                                        Did you end up with better footage?