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    One large graphics display or dual smaller displays?

    wb_martin Level 1

      Good day/health everyone,

      In considering upgrade of my old 17" EIZO FlexScan TS-C7S monitor I am torn between either getting a single large monitor or two smaller monitors and then running in dual monitor mode.


      I will be using the following system:

      ASUS Rampage III Formula

      Intel Core i&-980X

      GSkill, 24GB DDR3-1600

      Evga Superclocked GeForce GTX 470

      O/S: Crucial RealSSD C300

      Areca 1880-ix-16 SAS PCI RAID Card-6Gb/s: 

      Scratch: RAID0:  2x WD740GD, 70GB, SATA, 10kRPM

      Storage: RAID3: 3x 2 TB WD RE4


      At this point I am considering the Dell UltraSharp U2711 27-inch Widescreen Monitor and perhaps their new U3011 30 inch display, although I am thinking the additional cost doesn't justify the real estate, even in photo/video editing, although I am no where near a work flow expert in such things.  I am also looking at HP and NEC IPS displays but haven't really fomulated any possibilities yet..


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.