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    Complicated find/replace with FindChangeByList


      Hello! So in my school paper, we typically end everyones name with a right-single-quote and the two numerals denoting their class year. By right-single-quote, I mean the thing you get by pressing CMD+OPT+] on a Mac, although I'm going to use an apostrophe, somewhat confusingly, on this post since I'm currently on Linux


      For example, someone's name would appear as: John Doe '13 (only with the right quote...)


      OK so I want to use FindChangeByList to replace instances of people just typing an apostrophe with the correct right single quote. I know how to search for this: '^9^9 (or would I want ^'^9^9 ?). But the replacing is difficult. I can't just replace with ^]^9^9 because, somewhat logically, you can't use wildcards in the Replace With field. So I can't tell the script to put next to the right single quote the same numbers it found next to the apostrophe.


      How would I do this with this script? Or is it beyond the scope of this script? Thanks.