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    new user questions


      hi people,


      Trying to 'get into'  PPCS5 but encountering lots of problems.


      1.  Audio. 


      The audio sequences i've placed in the timeline sound perfect in the program, they dont boom or distort at all but when I export (either with video or as solo AIFF files), they become hugely amplified.  Why?  I've noticed the same in After Effects, which I've also just started using.


      2.  Letterboxing.


      No matter what settings I try, the output video is always letterboxed and has lots of banding.  example:  AEcs5 composition (720p 25fps) looks great and has no letterboxing when exported from AE, but when i bring the same file into PPcs5, even if i choose the same settings, the outputted video just fails to fill the frame in one way or another. Am i importing them into PP incorrectly to begin with?   Please advise on the correct format to begin a project using 1280x720 25fps (.png sequence and/or avi)


      sorry if you guys hear these questions 20 times a week, but I'm flummoxed.  I really want to use this program as I have no issues with AEcs5 other than the loud audio and the output video in that program never gives me letterboxing problems.  I would not like to consider Premiere a lesser version of SV, with more bugs.    I appreciate I'm an FNG amongst you experts and have probably overlooked some very rudimentary aspects, but please advise.


      Thx in advance



      edit:   nevermind, found the solution to the letterboxing by further experimentation and the audio problem I'll probably find on google somewhere.