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    Import MXF P2 Files - Problems with missing files and automatic joining




      I'm importing MXF files into CS5 recorded from multiple P2 cards on one shoot.  When I import these files (3 cards worth and about 4 mxf video files per card or more) they come into premiere with a different file name and seem to join all files together into one long/large file.  I'm ok with it doing that I think but what is happening is there are a few files that are missing on import.  They audio files show up with the proper names but the mxf video files are missing for some clips.  They are there in the explorer window so they aren't lost or damaged and can be viewed fine with p2 viewer.  Just importing is an issue with missing and renaming of files.


      Does anyone know what is happening here?  I can't find any answers anywhere here or elsewhere. Files were shot using the HPX500 and I've been using CS3 for years with no issues like this at all.  And the CS3 computer works perfectly still with these files on import.  Very strange.