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    capture from Sony z1u

    Go Dre

      I am attempting to capture HDV from Sony z1u.

      I open a new project and select HDV 1080i. Confirm output settings onboard camera as HDV. Open capture window in PE. PE recognizes Sony Z1U.

      All things appear to be right with the world. Now here is where the fun begins;

      • The Video/ Audio boxes in the capture wizard are checked but greyed out and not selectable.
      • The Timecode capture option is not selectable.
      • The project name appears with a file extension of .mpeg as opossed to .avi
      • The camera responds to PE commands but neither video or audio playback appear in capture window during play or capture.
      • An mpeg file appears in the folder location but cannot be dragged into PE or playback in Windows Media.

      I have succesfully captured and completed projects from a Canon Elura 100.

      Am i missing a codec?

      I am stupified.



      Win7 64

      Dual Quad 8300 2.5 GHz

      6Gb Ramm

      ATI 4600 1GB

      1TB sata 7200 850GB free