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    JSFL- Selecting symbols/objects


      I don't really know that much about Commands in Flash, but I was thinking this could be a possible Command to create.


      See, I have this puppet made up of dozens of separate pieces, all on their own layers.  It's very tedious to click on 10 different symbols in order to move the character's arm, for example.  I was wondering if there was a way to create a JSFL command to select each of the 10 symbols on the stage.


      I tried clicking each one, and saving the "Change Selection" actions from the History Panel as a Command, but that is location-based.  As soon as I move those symbols to a new location, the command I saved no longer selects them.  And I can't select the objects by layer or frame, because it doesn't seem to want to save those either.


      Does anyone know a way to go about doing this?