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    Help! pre gray screen on Win7 64 bits NVidia GTS 250




      I can't get pre to show anything than a gray screen (nothing except the menu bar, no timeline or anything).

      Creating a new project or opening an existing one doesn't do anything beyond the project name/location dialog, screen stays gray and menus stay disabled.

      Sometimes (10% ?) I have the 'an error occured, need to close" dialog - but even that doesn't seem to do anything (pre stays open, menus don't change).


      I've had something show in the pre window exactly once - just after upgrading the NVidia drivers. Then I closed the program, started it again and back to gray.


      My system:

      Windows 7 64 bits

      Nvidia GeForce GTS250 with the latest drivers from NVidia (but older drivers showed the same issue)


      If anyone is aware of a similar issue - wether it can be fixed or not, please let me know. I can't stand iMovie any more and need a real video edition tool - and pre seemed like a very good choice - but if it doesn't work on my system I'll have to go hunt for something else