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    Checking Checkboxes & setting filename


      I am fairly new in creating acrobat forms and scripting.
      And now I will create a form for a friend and would of course create as user friendly as possible.


      The Scenario is:
      I have a form which has totally 6 Checkboxes, 2 Textfields and 2 Buttons.
      Now i want to realise the following tasks:
      1.) If one of the Checkboxes 1 - 3 is selected, the other two are automaticly unchecked. Also, if Checkbox 3 is selected the Textfield 1 is required. The same should be with the Checkboxes 4 - 6 and Textfield 2.
      2.) If the Textfield 1 is required it should be checked if the something is entered and the length is 6, 8 or 10.
      3.) It should be not possible to overwrite the original file. The user should be prompted to save a copy when he clicks the save button at the toolbar or the button at the form. Also the filename should be suggested based on which checkboxes are selected.
      In example: "Copy_ChkBx2_ChkBx4.pdf"
      4.) I want also add an button to let the user directly the pdf via email. The filename whould be generated like in at 3.). I want also to add some text to the email and set the subject to the filename.


      I don't know if all that is possible but it would be great when it is possible that somebody would show me how it is possible.
      Many thanks for your help.