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    memory of multiple embedded flash  is way to high

    chrisatflash Level 1
      Has anyone an idea about embedding flash that does not cost that much of memory?
      Because if you try to embed flash multiple times in your browser everything get's very slow because
      it uses a lot of memory. I think it's because your browser needs to run a new flash player everytime.

      A good solution would be to make everything in flash perhaps, but i don't know how to do this with

      What i am doing now is using asp to place dynamically div's in the browser. In those div's there is this
      flash animation. Sometimes there can be 8 div's and sometimes 14 or more. This causes the browser
      to get very slow.

      Does anyone reconize this problem? And is there a solution for this without using a gif animation?

      Here is an example of multiple embeded flash :


      Use taskmanager to see the use of memory and cpu:
      This is on my pc:
      ImageName - CPU - MemUsage
      Iexplorer - 40% - 98.288k