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    Dynamically populate a selct box within a PDF form.

      Hi All

      I am trying to dynamically populate a select box within a PDF form,

      I have connected the PDF form to the web service, which is now available from within the form. My
      qestion is how do i bind to the drop down list? My web service code is below for perusal. I have
      outputed the query results to an array (tested with cfdump all is ok) results as expected, i just
      can not figure out how to access them via the PDF form. Any Ideas!!

      <!---//We need to publish this service as document/literal rather than rpc/encoded--->
      <cfcomponent style="document">

      <!---//Set-up the function allowing remote access--->

      <cffunction name="productType" access="remote" returntype="array" output="true">

      <!---//Query the product type database for a list of Product Types--->

      <cfquery name="getType" datasource="hurley">
      SELECT productType, pTypeID
      FROM productType

      <!---//Create an array to output to the web client--->

      <cfset returnArray=ArrayNew(2)>

      <!--- Populate the array row by row --->
      <cfloop query="getType">

      <cfset returnArray[CurrentRow][1]=productType>
      <cfset returnArray[CurrentRow][2]=pTypeID>


      <cfreturn returnArray>