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    Need Tree.height as currently expanded

    schjlatah Level 1
      Okay, here's what I'm doing. I have an <mx:List> who uses an <mx:Tree> component as the item renderer. I've gotten that to work just fine; the problem I'm having is with resizing the component to the current shape of the tree. I know how to do a resize and I have the list's variableRowHeight property set to true, so it does resize and work generally. All I'm trying to do is get the itemRenderer component to resize itself to Tree.currentExpandedHeight unfortunately that is an imaginary property. Does anyone else know of how to find that out?
      Who can make my imagination reality?
      I just need to find the current vertical height of a tree component as it sits fully expanded or half expanded, or fully collapsed. I'll then resize on the fly as it expands and contracts.