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    Audio Playback too Fast - Help!!


      Fairly new to CS5 and I can't get the audio to playback at the correct speed - it i

      s too fast.


      I have recorded a voiceover in Soundboot CS5 and saved it as a wav and imported it into Premiere Pro but it plays back too fast. I have tried saving from Soundbooth as 16 bit 48,000 hz (which is what the PP project is as it is for a dvd) and also as 96,000 hz (and every other hz!!) but still plays back too fast. Tried importing loads of different audio files of all different formats and recording hz / bit rate etc but not one has played back correctly. PP is at the latest patch version as are all other prodcts in the site.


      As this is driving me insane and there is imminent danger of low flying PCs round here your help would be very much appreciated!!! Happy to provide more info if required.


      Thanks in advance.