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    PrEl 9. Do star ratings affect Instant movie results?


      Hi everybody.


      Do the star ratings that you assign to your videos in the Elements Organizer have any weigh or effect on the clips that are chosen by Adobe when you do an Instant Movie project?

      I fist did a (rather typical) zoo movie, where the elefant turned out to be the main subject of the instant movie rather than my family. I guess the elefant clip was better iluminated, steady, etc and had the right smart tags so that it was shown a lot of times.

      In another project for one of my kid's birthday I assigned star ratings to the clips that I liked before I ran the auto analyzer and created an instant movie. In the end I had more of the clips I liked in my instant movie.

      I don't know if this was mere coincidence or if star rating had anything to do with it. I couldn't find any reference to star ratings in the premiere elements help where it talks about instant movie projects.


      What has been your experience on this?