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    Put a Quadro 5000 into an Alienware Area-51 Machine...?


      Please excuse my ignorance!  Just searching for answers!


      I was looking on Dell to buy a computer for cs5 and MPE and found the workstations way more expensive than alienware!!


      So I thought maybe I could go with alienware area 51 with i970 six core 3.23, 12gb 1600 ddr3, and replace the graphics card with a nvidia quadro 5000, but a dell rep (Melinda) said that I couldnt do that because the Q 5000 wouldn't fit into the area 51?  Is this true?


      I was told that the alienware area 51 has a "3 PClex 16 for graphics card" but can't find what kind of slot the Q 5000 uses?


      If I CAN just swap out the graphics card, would this area 51 machine good enough to run cs5 and MPE?


      I don't need "top of the line", just need to be able to run ppcs5 with MPE with little to no headaches (rendering times).


      thank you for your help

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just wondering why you want to spend $ 7K+ on a subpar Dell/Alienware system with a Quadro 5000, when it can come with the better and more affordable GTX 580? Trying to burn money? In that case contact me by PM and I will give you my account number so you can transfer some of that to me.


          BFTB-wise (Bang-for-the-buck) it is a lousy investment, they steal you blind on everything not in their standard offer, you get at best a mediocre system with a crippled BIOS, unsuitable for overclocking and you still need to do a lot of adding extra components from third parties to make it a suitable system.


          Two much better alternatives:


          1. Build it yourself, by far the least expensive solution, or


          2. Get a custom builder to build a system for you, that meets your needs, like ADK Video Editing.

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            RacerX2oo3 Level 1



            I'm surprised to hear that the rep told you a Quadro 5000 wouldn't fit into the case.  Physically the size of the board is similar to the GTX580 which is a standard offering in the Area 51.  Additionally the Quadro 5000 runs cooler, quieter, and uses less power.  The GTX 580 is a powerful option for a consumer graphics solution, however its worth noting that it's not an officially supported solution for GPU accelerated Mercury Playback Engine.  Many will attest that the GTX 580 works once you alter certain support files to force the use of an unsupported GPU.  It's up to you to decide whether using unsupported hardware is an important factor for you or not.  


            The Quadro 5000 requires a 16x PCI-E slot just the same as the other cards which are offered as standard options.


            Sean Kilbride

            Technical Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

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              barrydavid Level 1

              Hi Sean,


              Thank you for your information!


              The Dell's rep name was "Melinda", and if she is giving false information, then I think something needs to be done about it.


              I have never been one to "hack" and to be honest, I am weary of the hack that needs to be done in order to use the gtx580, jsut because I've never done it.  But, I have found a youtube video that shows how to do the hack (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj4ERi5t_Eo&) and it seems pretty easy.


              Harm's benchmark site shows numerous people using the gtx580, and he swears by it, as do others on the web.


              The difference in price of the quadro 5000 and gtx 580 isn't worth "cooler, quieter, and uses less power" in my opinion.


              quadro 5000:  +- $2,000 :  http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-quadro-5000-us.html

              gtx 580: +- $500 :  http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-geforce-gtx-580-us.html


              @ Harm - at one stage you didn't believe in the GTX 580!!  LOL  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/739104


              Thank you everyone for your help with building my new pc!




              Here is the build if anyone is interested:


              CPU:  Intel® Core™ i7-990X Extreme Edition 3.46GHz Overclocked To 4.0GHz Six-Core 12MB Cache CPU


              First Six-Core/12 Threads CPU - Highest Performing Desktop Processor


              MOBO:  ASUS Rampage III Extreme Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard


              G.CARD:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 (2x1.5GB) (2x384bit) DDR5 DX11 Graphics Card


              START UP DISK:  UltraFast 60GB SSD Read: 285MB/s Write:275MB/s Solid State Drive (OS Drive)


              CASE:  Antec P193 High Performance Silent Workstation Case


              COOLING:  Noctua NH-D14 Dual Radiator 6 Heatpipe with 140mm/120mm Dual SSO Bearing Fans CPU Cooler


              PSU:  950W 80+ Modular Gaming Power Supply


              MEMORY:  12GB Triple Channel DDR3 1600MHz High Performance Gaming RAM With Heat Spreader


              WRITER:  LG 10x BLU-RAY Writer


              SOUND: Integrated 8 CH HD Sound Card


              Gigabit LAN Card - Broadband Ready


              24 Months Warranty


              Total price here in South Africa:  25,000 Rand  (~3,500US)


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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                One thing to have a look at before ordering is to check that the heat spreaders on the memory sticks are not too high to prevent installation of the D14 cooler, which is huge. It may require another cooler, or some modding with the ront fan on the D14.


                The fact that I was not convinced of the real value added of the GTX 580 at that moment was not because I did not believe the technical improvements, but the - at that moment - much higher price trhan the 480. Now that the 580 has come down significantly in price and is only marginally more expensive than the 480, my nod is to the 580, not so much for the better performance, but because of the lower temps, running cooler and quieter than the 480.

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                  barrydavid Level 1

                  Great, thanks Harm!  I'll look into that!