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    video won't play in IE, and other strange happenings

    f8saysso Level 1

      Hi All,

      My flash project is a video player. There are library items and .as  files that help compile everything that it needs. I'm experiencing  something very strange.

      Here is what is happening.

      1. When I test my movie in flash it works great. The preview image  appears, the movie loads quickly, and when I click play on either the  big play button or the control bar play button it starts immediately  without hesitation.

      2. When I compile the video, I can open the generated HTML file with  either IE or FF and everything works the same as above - flawlessly.

      Here is where the problems begin...

      3. When I copy the HTML from the generated HTML file and add it to my  page where I want my video embedded problems begin! First the preview  image and the big play button does not appear until the movie runs and  finishes (I click on the play button on the control bar to start the  movie in this case). After the movie runs they appear. It's obvious my  file paths are not the issue since I see the movie and the preview image  (eventually), right?

      4. The movie will not load in IE until I click on play, I just see my  preloader spinning with 0% loaded showing. That stays until I click on  play, and then just like FF at the end of the movie I finally see the  big play button and the preview image. I tested in IE 7 & 8.

      This also can't be a local development issue because I uploaded the  files to our server (I'm in an intranet) and saw the same phenomenon  occur. I tried different embed/param code found on the net as well  hoping that would do the trick, but no luck there either. I'm using  flash5 and all standard out of the box setings.

      Has anyone experiencing anything like this?? Or possibly tell me what to check?