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    HELP!! File opening problem.... :(

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      I am CS3 - oops - she is a good horse though. I have my website as a .fla file and somehow managed to loose it? However it is on my ftp as a complete .fla file - however when I download from my ftp the size states it's 1.95gb??  (should be around 50mb) I then cannot open it, I assumed due to file size. I then tried downloading a smaller .fla file from same ftp and that doesn't open either?


      1 : Can anyone explain why the big file size increase when downloaded

      2 : Why files retrieved from FTP site does not open (flash crashes)


      Many Thanks


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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          An .fla file can only be opened in Flash, further it can only be opened in the version that saved the original file. The file that is usually placed on a server to be viewed by your site's users is the .swf file that is generated in Flash from the .fla file. Do you get an alert or error when you attempt to open these .fla files?

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            Hi Rob


            Thanks for the reply - (i thought) fortunatly put the whole site onto my ftp (its there as .fla file) sizw states 812kb so not sure if its an alias? As stated I either copy, download or put this file back onto my desktop (size still 812kb) I then try and open in fla (version where created) Flash crashes and the size then states its 1.95gb? I did notice it downloading when I PUT it onto my desktop that there were some large WAV files in there - no idea how they got there?


            Would someone with a larger spec mac be able to open my file - perhaps remove these wav,s - reduce file size?