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    ANY AIR TV capable hardware available ?!?



      Is there any TV or set-top box that will run AIR on TV available now?

      I need a box or TV to demonstrate some proof of concepts, running off a PC/Mac is not considered acceptable.


      @ CES in January, Samsung said all their 2011 TVs and BluRay players are supposed to, but I can't determine which models these are. (Unfortunately there are at least three versions of the Samsung Smart TV engine none specifically designating AIR compatibility)


      There was a box given out back in Oct. for the lucky ones who could make it to MAX, but I wasn't able to attend. (I did fill out a online request for one, but never received a reply)


      I know not to rely on unreleased hardware, but it has been about 5 months since then. We were expecting to have some sort of device out by now which we could at least demo on.