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      I have CS5, using a mac,    we filmed using a JVC HD small camcorder, when the files are downloaded to my mac, it cannot read them, I used handbreak to convert them to mp4.  they play just fine in windows media player on a windows computer and via my itunes.


      when I import them into premiere it crashes, and shuts down.


      can someone point me in the right direction here, I'm trying to get these videos edited for work and running out of time.




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          First, Copy is the correct term here.  Download means to transfer from a remote computer to a local one, such as over the Internet.  With tapeless media, you just Copy the top level folder (and everything in it) over to the hard drive of your edit rig.


          From there, use the Media Browser of Premiere Pro to import the clips you want.  Don't transcode first.  Use the origianal clips.