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    3.3 Bug: Win32 API Error 2 - Please help


      Wondering if anyone may be able to help with the following error message:


      "An internal error has occured: Win32 API error 2 ("The system cannot find the file specified") When calling ShellExecuteExW from AgWorkspace.shellExecute".


      The wonderfully unhelpful persons at the helpline said they could not help me but indicated If I reload the version 3.3 in a different location the problem would go away since some plug-in from v1.4 had infected the new install.


      I have no custom add-ins/plug-ins, everything is default.


      I followed these instructions, however still have the same error. I removed then re-installed 3.3 on another drive away from C:\Progfiles......


      Any suggestions?

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          F. McLion Rockstar

          ... and your OS version is .. ?

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            55555Sparky Newcomer

            Sorry F. McLion, I could have provided the following additional information:


            v1.4 lightroom owned, operating without issue, installed in default location

            C:\... drive

            v3.3 trial downloaded, installed default location, export operating without


            v1.4 launched to compare, export working fine

            v3.3 launched, export results in error message; determined that export actually

            worked, just resulted in the error message


            un-installed v3.3 per phone support (manager)

            re-installed v3.3 on F:\ drive from copy downloaded on F:\... drive. No change.

            Odly after I removed then re-installed v3.3, the pictures I was working

            on appeared in the re-installed instance with the most current changes - I would

            suspect a clean un-install would have removed any semblence of work done prior

            to removing (at least pointers to modified files). Since not, this means the

            un-install did not truely un-install, it simply removed some files but also left

            some remnents.


            Microsoft XP Home edition V 2002 Service Pack 3

            Dell Dimension 8400 P4 3.00 Ghz 3.00GB ram


            Hope this helps.



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              F. McLion Rockstar

              The installer indeed does not remove everything. It does not remove your preferences, the catalogs and it does not touch the images of course. It would be a good idea to clean all residues of 3.3, reboot and reinstall at its default location. I don't have 1.x but I have 2.7 and 3.3 in parallel without any issues so far.


              You can find the location of all the files with this help: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/843/cpsid_84313.html


              If the error comes up again after the clean install, a screenshoot of the error would be helpful as well as the entries in the windows logs if there are any. I'm sorry, I don't really have another solid idea for the source nor for a solution of the issue.




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                Gabriella Wetli

                I had the same problem and the solution was rather simple. I just had to check "take no action" in the very last field in the export window. I have the german version, it's called "post processing" or "further treatment" or so. The field was filled in by default but for some reason suddenly empty. After I clicked "take no action" the error message was gone and did not return.




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                  This worked for me.  That field was filled with a blank.  Changed it to "do nothing" and now it works fine.


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                    Hi Gabriella, I war so frustriert, da ich nichts exportieren konnte, nachdem ich Lightroom 4 gekauft hatte. Deine Hilfe rettet mein Tag.(obwohl noch viel Schnee liegt. Vielen Dank.