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    Important: Alignment problem inside Addchild tag

    MuskeeterAkshay Level 1

      I have a quick question and appreciate your view here
      Inside a state I am adding child as below


      <mx:AddChild relativeTo="{attributeForm}" position="firstChild"  >

      <mx:FormItem label="y" horizontalAlign="right">

      <mx:TextInput name="y" id="pointY"  width="30" />



      <mx:AddChild relativeTo="{attributeForm}" position="firstChild" >

      <mx:FormItem label="x" horizontalAlign="left">

      <mx:TextInput id="pointX" t width="30" "/>




      Problem: even if I am using horizontal align they are not align to each other and they are coming one below another. Any prompt suggestion on how may I align them horizontally?