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    Audio drifts out of sync after capture.

    Aaron Pompei

      This is a reletively new problem popping up over that last two weeks of video capture and editing. This sync issue is occuring on both footage captured a year ago and footage captured last week. Now the problem occurs after capture. The footage is in sync and plays fine from the tape when viewed through the camera's video monitor. After capturing the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and playing the footage back with teh Source Monitor or in the Sequence at about minute 8 to 15 the audio drifts out of sync enough to be noticeable. It only gets worse as the captured footage plays.


      I regularly record visiting artist lectures which run about an hour to an hour and a half using a AG-DVX100b with audio input from the venue's soundboard connected to the camera's onboard XLR ports. I am recording in 24PA mode with 48k (16bit) audio. When capturing the footage the camera is connected to a MacBook Pro (2010) via a Firewire 400 with an 800 adapter. The footage is captured to an external e-SATA drive.


      Need some expert help.