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      Anyone here have experience of using the OSCxtra (http://www.tii.se/node/2520)?  I have it working, it's quite simple, as follows in a movie script:



      global g_oscxtra


      on preparemovie
        --setup the itemdelimiter for string parsing the incoming OSC
        the itemdelimiter = " "


      on startmovie
        --create a new instance of OSCxtra
        g_oscxtra = new(xtra "OSCXtra")
        --start listening to network
        g_oscxtra.oscInit("", 3332, 3333)


      on oscInWaiting
        --format of incoming osc
        --/tuio/2Dobj set 11 2 0.456785 0.764846 1.547732 0. -0.021779 0. 0.222233 0.
        if not stringP(param(1)) then return

        repeat with i = 1 to the paramCount
          put param(i)
        end repeat



      However my incoming OSC (see comment above) starts with a / and this seems to be causing issues making all my params empty (but input is arriving just as empty params).  Can't change the incoming OSC as it's a third party software so how do you work on the params?


      Any suggestions/help from anyone who have working with this xtra would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.