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    Need to reset password

      For Contribute 3 under WIndows XP, my password is no longer accepted. How do I reset the password and, if necessary, the user ID?
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          I have this problem as well. My computer was recently upgraded while I was out of the office, and therefore my old PC with all the administrator settings for Contribute is gone. I read the solution for resetting the Admin password in the Help provided with Contribute and it instructs me to delete the 'contribute.xml' file from the _mm folder on the server. The problem I have is that there is no such file there. If I delete the entire _mm folder, will it adversely affect all the publishers linked to that website?
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            ThinkInk Level 2
            If there is nog contribute.xml, there is another xml file with an odd name beginning with a c and the extension .csi. This contains the settings for your website and the encrypted password.
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              My Kobo EReader connection to Adobe Digital Editions is no longer working. The EReader says the book is locked and will not allow me to access it and then prompts me...".Please use your Adobe ID to authorize your EReader with the Kobo desktop applications or Adobe Digital Editions"

              Please advise

              Diane Morelli