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    Premiere Elements 9- No Sound


      I am using preElements 9 'try out' and have imported a .wmv, and also tried capturing video from my camcorder.


      In both cases the items show up in the timeline, and the audio shows indicates there is audio.  When I pull up the 'mixer' i see an indication of where the sound is based upon the range scales there.  But I hear nothing in the preview mode.


      When it is exported there is sound.


      I looked in edit/preferences/audio and played with the settings but nothing worked.  I should point out I can capture with virtual dub and hear sound.  I can edit with microsoft movie and get sound.


      Is there a setting i am missing.  If this does not work I cannot use this program.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          This is most likely a setting in PrE. This ARTICLE will tell you places to begin looking.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            The way to tell whether or not it's a setting is to look on your timeline. When you place the clips on the timeline, is there a waveform representing audio under each clip?


            If so, as Bill points out, it's likely your ASIO settings.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              And if there is no Wavefrom Display, then it's likely that Conforming did not complete. This ARTICLE will give you some more details, and background.


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                After my PE3 software dying a slow death, the trial version of PE7 driving me nutz, I was forced to purchased PE9, and I say Forced because the company has NO sympathy for it customers, whatsoever!  And leaves it up to us, the customers, to solve these issues here in these bizaare forums.  And, of course will fix it later on and declare that THEY have an improvement, and then want to charge even more for future releases!


                I too ran into the problem you have described.  After many, many fustrating hours I figured out the the brilliant dork whom wrote this piece of code (software) whom obviously never edited anything in his or her life, decided to turn the PREVIEW audio OFF as the default in the entire program!!!



                After youève opened your project, select Edit, and goto Options and look in the Project Options and look under General (I think it is), then look at the Audio settings and you will see that the audio is set to OFF.  Turn it, on and then ALL of your project windows will behave they way you would expect them too, and should have from the beginning.


                This is a hoorible, stupid, huge mistake that never shold have been made. The default should always be ON.


                Considering this is a huge company, with so-called talented staff and this product is almost soley for editing video, this mistake is un-forgivable!!!!!

                I am going to call them in Ottawa and rip a few shreds of them, as it caused me hours of grief, to find this burried setting, which never should have been set this way.


                I want my $100 back just for finding this flaw....  I am super-pissed off at the hours that I wasted, looking for this error and the fustration involved.


                Change the setting, and you should be fine....


                I hope this helps out everyone :-)


                Mark Blans

                Toronto, Ontario


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Welcome to the forum.


                  Sorry that you have had issues.


                  I believe that the reason you encountered the Audio being OFF, is not so much that it was designed that way, but that there are so many possibilities for Audio Hardware variations, especially on a PC. If one has a box-stock, Realtek HD chip, Audio setup on their PC, then the default should be "Premiere Elements Windows Sound. However, if there is any issue with that setting, whether it's via an ASIO setting, hardware, or other, then the installer does not know what to choose, so will not make the choice. The user then needs to setup the program for their specific hardware and andy/all drivers. Most of these will appear in the ASIO Settings, where changes can be made. For instance, I use a driver, ASIO4All, that allows for my 6-channel audio card to function properly.


                  On a Mac, things are usually a bit more simple, but with a DAW setup, they can be difficult.


                  With either platform, the more intricate the Audio setup is, the harder time the installer will have, when choosing the proper Audio setup.


                  Good luck,



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                    GaryLA4G Level 1



                    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I've been using Elements since 3 or 4 and every time I upgrade I cross my fingers.  This was my first run with PE9 and capture went fine.  But playback video was awful and no audio.  The AVI file played perfect in Windows Media Player. After reading your post here, I was unable to find exactly what you were referring to.  So I just tried changing a few things and quickly found one that worked: Edit > Project Settings > General > Playback Settings: "External Device Audio" was selected. I changed it to "Desktop Audio".  Not only did that restore audio, it also fixed the video playback!  It's a good thing I didn't spend hours troubleshooting the video first!


                    Note to Adobe.  I'm not a professional video editor but I'm an I.T. manager. I've used Elements for years. Your help system is terrible. For example, when I'm on a settings screen and I click Help, what I want to see is information about that screen.  Instead you launch me into a support portal where searches bring up mostly irrelevant content. It it weren't for the forums, I would have abandoned Adobe long ago.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I also agree that the PrE Help Files could be better.


                      I am first, a "book person," but have come to embrace some of the newer Help Files (like AE and PrPro from Adobe). Still, one should get a "context sensitive" Help, from within almost every dialog screen. Going to the main Help File is not so useful. Also, if one does not know the exact search terms, all is lost.


                      Maybe PrE's Help will improve, as PrPro's has.


                      Still, I miss my manuals, miss their smell, and miss their great indexes, but I am from another century, and another millennium.


                      Good luck,