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    Tiltviewer In Flash Catalyst


      I have a microsite that I am building and would like to use Tiltviewer on the gallery page. I have imported all the images and the SWF into the Flash Catalyst library and the xml, js and html related pages into library/application support/adobe/flash catalyst/workspace/bin-debug & also src folder.


      I then set the interaction to play action sequence, and the SWF asset in the action sequence to go to frame and play. Can't get the tiltviewer to show when I run the project. Can't anyone recommend to me what I need to do to get the viewer to run when I open the gallery state?


      Please help!

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          The HTML and JS files are not needed and will be ignored by Flash Catalyst. In fact I am not sure where you installed those files. The issue you probably have is there are FlashVars that are passed into the TiltViewer swf from within the HTML page. Without those variables, that swf will not run. You would have to look into using FlashBuilder or having access to the source code for the TiltView to adapt the swf to your project.


          Chris Griffith

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            RichWeinberg Level 1

            Thanks very much for the response. I am very grateful to have some help. The other day I called Adobe support and after two hours of being on hold with their music the battery in my phone died.


            I have now tried to get  simpleviewer to work in flash catalyst by copying the related files to the workspace folder and it works until I quit the program; because the related files are not saved. Does anyone know of a viewer I can use in Flash Catalyst that would work?

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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              The issue was that you copied those files into the workspace folder. They needed to be within the FXP file. If you use the Import SWF, then the SWF will be properly imported. If there are additional files that the SWF uses, you will have to add them in after you publish you project. Or include them in if you move the project into Flash Builder (Just note with Flash Catalyst 1.0 this is a one way operation).


              Hope this points you in the right direction.


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                Andy Wason Level 1

                I think flash catalyst requres swf's to be encoded in as3 (Maybe Chris can clarify this for us),

                to work properly. I think, tiltviewer, postcardviewer etc. are in As 2 which requires a URL call to implement.

                Slideshowpro (which does basic slideshow functionality) is written in AS 3 and can be imported (embeded) into flash catalyst.


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                  Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                  Andy you are correct. Flash Catalyst does require the imported SWF's to be ActionScript 3 based.