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    Tens of Thousands having massive problems with Flash Playing Cityville


      Literally tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of people are having problems with FlashPlayer crashing constantly while trying to play a Zynga game, Cityville, which plays on Facebook while running the game on Google Chrome. None of us had this problem before sometime last week and now playing the game is all but impossible. Sometimes the game works for a minute or two with great lag and sometimes it shuts down right after you get the game up and running. The only message we get is that Flashplayer has crashed. We can restore the page and go again for a minute but the problem occurs time after time. Does anyone know a solution or does  anyone know how to get Adobe, Zynga and Facebbok to get together and solve the problem? Most of us are just computer users and aren't computer savvy so don't know what to do.

      I followed instructions on my PC and got a little more info. It seems that Windows 'sees' the program on it's initiation as a possible threat to the system and/or running too slowly. Her is some information I found but I don't know and am afraid to do anything else with it.


      Heck, I can't even upload that; I'm told the file type isn't allowed. LOL  Anyhow it told me that I should go into my MOTO Connect Service and manually select (with instructions) the .EXE file for the app to bee an exception to the genral DEP. I didn't do that because I was a bit timid and also never found an .exe file that looked correct. Perhaps I should be happy about that....


      Anyhow, there are over 6 million people who regularly play Cityville and all of them no doubt have adjusted their opinions about Adobe because of this. Shame is that it is not likely even Adobe's problem.