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    screen resolution, resizing before or after software simulation

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      Hi all.

      Just wondering about the screen sizing options in simulations specifically.

      I am told to always use 1024 x 768. Does everyone else stick to this?

      Also, if I record at the old standard as mentioned above, everything on my screen hardly fits like it used to, however for the sake of recording its fine.  I would rather leave it as it is and use the "Modify->Rescale Project" option.

      I have tried this as a test and I am not overly fussed about the actual change in resolution, it makes everything look very square rather than the wide screen dimensions of my laptop.  Its natural resolution is 1366x768.  I understand resolution and why and how etc, I just want to know the bet way to make my simulation's match a good size.  I like the Lynda.com tutorials which are so smooth, clear, great quality to watch.



      Thankyou all for your help,


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          If you search these forums, you'll find a lot of thread discussing the resolution settings for a CP-file. Your setting of 1024x768 is not really meant for widescreen. But all depends also on other factors: will you use a playbar (adds at least 19px to the height), or a TOC (at least 250px to the width), how will you deploy and what will the browser need in height as well as in width? And since you understand all about resolution, you are certainly aware that it is not a good idea to rescale at all, and certainly not to a resolution that has not the same width/height ratio.


          BTW: I do use Lynda.com, but those tutorials do not adapt to a widescreen either, you can maximize but they will keep their width/height ratio which leads to black space to the left and the right? If you want the CP-SWF to adapt you could play it by activating the SWF instead of the HTML but you will lose a lot of functionalities, so you have to check first.