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    Mouse can't click on certain menu options


      Hello all,


      So, while I've enjoyed getting into Premiere Pro at home (use FCP at work), I've been having interface issues.


      For some reason, both CS4 and CS5 have had issues with my mouse clicking buttons in menus and browser windows. It's not every button, but a lot, most aggravating when I want to select another option for choosing video settings for my projects or my exports (otherwise the default compresses down my HD movie files). Just clicking the space in a new project window to title a new sequence is not working, requiring me to tab through with the keyboard.


      The weird thing is, my Logitech mouse (T-BC21) does not give me any problems with anything else. No issues with left or right click at all.


      The only other answer to this type of issue I've found is to mess with WindowBlinds (a program/plugin I don't believe I even have, and besides that, there's rumors of bad adware etc. being tied to that junk).


      This is really getting in the way of using this as my home program, and several of the other programs in the Creative Suite seem to be having the same issue. I believe I've fully updated my programs, but I'll double-check that in addition to anything else people recommend.


      Any advice on fixing this would be great.