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    open a pdf in an url with parameters #zoom=scale,left,top


      In the previous versions of Adobe Reader, it was possible to open a pdf in the web browser adding some arguments : #zoom=scale,left,top.

      So we could open the pdf at a specific position, with a specific zoom.


      But in the last version for windows, 10, the parameters 'left' and 'top' seem to be ignored. Only the zoom value is taken into account.

      There is no error message, no warning. We could write the values we want for the left and the top but nothing happens.


      So, I was wondering why it doesn't work anymore ?


      And to be sure, I re-installed the version 9  of Adobe and it works, but not with the 10.


      (and I hope that is not a fonctionnality which wasn't re-implemented in Adobe Reader 10).


      If someone has an idea...