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    Open document in centre of work area, not screen.

    Trooopy.-U2PkIS Level 1

      This is a very simple request.


      When I open a photo from Lightroom as I usually do, the image is in th centre of the screen, disregarding the the panels and tools, and always with the right portion of the image hidden under the layers panel etc..


      Wouldn't it be better if it opened in the centre of the empty blank area instead, so that it would be visible and ready to start working on it rather than having to move it all the time?

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          s.mahn Level 2

          I agree.


          However, my situation is different. I keep panels open on the left and right side of the screen, but my windows always open flush left, and need to be pulled center so as not to be hiddel on the left.


          Having windows open in the center of the work area would be ideal, but how to you even get yours to open centered on the screen?


          [FWIW, I'm talking about in normal screen mode, no tabs, no apllication screen. I sometimes use them but not by default, and don't feel I should have to just to find my opened windows.]