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    How can I stop fxp files trying to open in Catalyst Panini and only open in catalyst CS5?

    GarethButterworth Level 1

      As the title suggests I'm having trouble getting fxp files to open in the right version of Catalyst.

      I recently installed the panini version out of interest to try it but that set all fxp files to open in panini, where as I want my old files to open in CS5 when I double click them.

      I'm using windows 7 and have tried going to default programs and clicking "Associate a file type or protocol to a program", going to the .fxp file type and changing the .exe in the catalyst panini folder that its linked to to the .exe in the catalyst cs5 folder but it just seems to ignore this action.


      Does anybody have any ideas of how I can sort this out?


      Also, anybody have any ideas when we might be able to open CS5 files in Panini to add some of the new features to old files?


      Kind regards,