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    Help needed on simple flex line chart

    Rajeshb_Flash Level 1

      Dear Friends,


      I need a small help on Flex Line Chart. I am using FlashBuilder 4 and doing a simple application in flex.


      I am displaying a graph with 10 random values and based on the values i am trying to change the itemrenderer dynamically like CandlestickItemRenderer and BoxItemRenderer. Now my requirement was, if the values are > 10 i want to show my chart with CandlestickItemRenderer else i want to show the remaining spots as BoxItemRenderer. I am failing to do this. Either i am getting all the shapes as BoxItemRenderer or CandlestickItemRenderer.  i am sending the code as a text file along with this.


      Kindly go thru it and help me out pls.



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          Rajeshb_Flash Level 1

          Hello Friends,


          I am still waiting for the solution.



          Guys was it really tough !! is it possible 1st of all ie what i am looking !!



          I will make you understand in simple terms like, In a single line chart i  want to display 2 different shapes ie BoxItemRenderer &  CandlestickItemRenderer based on a condition. Line chart functionality  will be the same but i want to show the shapes in a different color for  differentiation. i have already shared the code also.



          pls help me out.